Extra Plastering Services

Our team are pleased to offer a full interior and exterior plastering service. This includes restoring, renovating and reproducing mouldings, as well as attentively caring for buildings, as we have learned to do in our years of experience.

Whether you require a traditional lime plastering, or a specialist horse hair service we can assist and work to achieve a fine luxurious result. We will always achieve the result that best reflects the architecture and overall style of your home or building.

All of this in addition to modern day plastering; we always act with care when our modern plastering meets original fittings. This means our past clients have been delighted with the finished results whilst still achieving modernly smooth ceilings and walls that meet ornate and elegant features.

Exceptional workmanship is a vital part of today's luxuries. We don't expect to design and manufacturer masses of the same product. Our business focuses on being able to offer clients differing options.

We can help to create one off, custom made, pieces that are made specially to compliment the current surroundings.

Superior service is something that we think comes naturally to our team. We have built our company on reliability, and can offer not just a superior service, but all round support that gives you more.

For those embarking on a luxurious development of new builds, we can help to introduce the elegance of the Regency, Victorian, Edwardian or Art Deco era's. We have hundreds of ready made moulds, and can work with you to design unique and bespoke features.

We can always design from scratch, creating unique pieces that reflect the style of the building whilst maintaining a traditional appearance.

Challenge our team today. We will make you a no obligation quote. Whilst offering an extensive list of services, we will be on hand to advise on specialist manufacturing and restoration as well as modern day decorating services.